Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)


​Rosella Park School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff, where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing.  As a Positive Behaviour for Learning school all facets of school life are informed by the school's core values: Respect, Positive and Safe. These values underpin our school mission of 'Rising to the challenge', and in turn drive the actions of all our school family members: staff, parents, students and the wider community.

Three-Tiered Interventions

To ensure we address behaviour in an individualised manner, we implement interventions using a three-tiered system:

  • Tier 1 - Tier 1 strategies are implemented for all students. These strategies focus on clear expectations that are linked to our school-based Behaviour Matrix.  There is also an acknowledgement system incorporating Free & Frequent, Short Term and Long Term options which are facilitated by classroom rewards and our green band system. Across the school, we utilise the Traffic Light System as a generic strategy for behaviour management.
  • Tier 2 - Tier 2 continues to implement Tier 1 strategies, however there is more consideration for identifying and developing appropriate interventions based on individual student needs. Students in this category may be referred to the Student Support Committee, supported by a group of practicing teachers and teacher aides from within Rosella Park School. Students in this tier will have individual rewards and support systems.
  • Tier 3 - Students recognised in this category require Complex Case Management through the Student Support Committee. They have a very specific support team incorporating school staff and external stakeholders who have developed an Individual Behaviour Management plan. The plans need to be accessed and perused to ensure everyone is made aware of best practice for student success. 

Acknowledging Positive Behaviour

At Rosella Park School our three-tiered approach is reflected in our acknowledgement system to encourage appropriate behaviour. We have a free and frequent, short term and long term system to support positive behaviour.

Free & Frequent acknowledgement is to be used in and out of the classroom environment to promote habitual RPS "green' behaviour. Our Free & Frequent System acknowledges positive behaviour verbally and non-verbally:

  • Verbal feedback is used to inform and educate students. The focus of verbal feedback is based fundamentally on the positive behaviour students are demonstrating.
  • Non-verbal responses include facial expressions like a smile, and gestures such a thumbs up or a pat on the shoulder. Stickers, tokens and stamps are also given to promote positive behaviour in the classroom.


Short Term acknowledgements are given when a student displays behaviours from the matrix without prompting, naturally demonstrating Respectful, Positive and Safe behaviour in a variety of environments.

RPS wristbands are issued to individual students and/or whole classes for being RESPECTFUL, POSITIVE and/or SAFE. The PBL matrix is used as a guide. Each week the student with the most Green Bands is awarded the cohort Super Hero of the week. A student is provided a certificate and cape that they may wear for the week! A photo of the weekly superheros is shared with parents via Dojo.

Long Term acknowledgements are highly regarded activities that will act as a motivator and reinforcer of appropriate behaviour throughout the term.

In the last week of school of each term a Whole School Reward's Day is organised by the PBL committee. All students attend the day, except those on suspension.

Past Rewards Day activities have included a half-day outing to Tannum Sands Esplanade; an outing to the cinemas followed by a sausage sizzle; a day of Inflatable fun activities; and an inflatable water slide. The main aim of the day is to celebrate the positive behaviour displayed across the semester. In order to do that we hope to provide activities that are highly valued by our students and may act as a motivator for students throughout the semester.

Consequence System

At Rosella Park School, we use a Traffic Light system to guide our consequence system. The Traffic Light system provides students with an opportunity to learn and alter their behaviour. Consequences implemented address positive and negative behaviour in a supportive and educational context. Families are also supported using the Traffic Light system through the provision of resources and advice on best practice.  

Last reviewed 11 February 2022
Last updated 11 February 2022